We open new business opportunities for B2B companies on LinkedIn

We are a B2B agency focused on:

➜ Digital technology
➜ Online data
➜ Comprehensive education

We open new business opportunities for B2B companies on LinkedIn

We are a B2B agency focused on:

➜ Digital technology
➜ Online data
➜ Comprehensive education

We work with leaders in their fields
Choose from proven strategies

Digital Networking

We want to be seen on LinkedIn

The pathway to hundreds of thousands of views on LinkedIn leads through the connection of communication on the company website and personal accounts of your top employees.

Social Selling

We want to get new leads through LinkedIn

Open new business conversations by systematically working with your personal profile and Sales Navigator premium account.

Digital B2B Marketing

We are looking for a complete digital sales strategy

LinkedIn is just beginning. Connect all available digital marketing channels into one well-oiled machine that directly supports your sales.

Tomáš Kudla

Head of Sales | Ebury

We had the pleasure of working with Future Sales, and we were really satisfied with their services. As a company, our primary need is lead sourcing, so we can reach out to our prospects on multiple platforms, with LinkedIn being one of them. The personalized approach was most beneficial to us, as it allowed us to confidently inquire about anything. It wasn’t just generic strategies; they provided specific examples tailored to our profiles. At the same time, they explained how everything works on LinkedIn and gave us recommendations on what works and what doesn’t on this platform. Future Sales excels in open communication. They are reliable and deliver on their promises. If you’re looking for a company that will help you discover new business opportunities and seize them, Future Sales is the right choice for you!


Tomáš Bubeník

Senior BD Manager | Alef Nula

Probably the biggest challenge in recent times has been to raise awareness of the brand and new areas of cloud services we offer. Thanks to the cooperation with FUTURE SALES, we managed to significantly expand the network of people interested in our services in the field of cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. We also managed to obtain a number of relevant business opportunities and, over time, units of implemented projects.


Jan Stehlík

Head of BD | Tesena

In 2020, we had a lot of good ideas all at once, as well as the people who had the drive and desire to implement those ideas, I can definitely say that FUTURE SALES were a great help to us. Working directly with FUTURE SALES, I would be able to identify around 60 qualified leaders and 2-3 business opportunities. That’s not bad at all in half a year.


Šimon Kočí

Head of Partnerships | Dateio

As we focus mainly on clients from abroad, it is difficult to meet them physically when there are no conferences, and thus create a friendly bond. We are doing well on LinkedIn. Cooperation with FUTURE SALES helped us to boost and gain new potential customers. We do not have specific numbers, but there are many. As a result, the number of meetings increased by about 25%.


How we bring it all to life
Through education, digital data and online technologies, we open up new business opportunities for B2B teams on LinkedIn.

Education & consulting

We will teach you everything we know

We have prepared a set of training courses for individuals and entire marketing and sales teams, where we will teach you how to work with LinkedIn from the basics to a premium Sales Navigator account and, managing paid campaigns in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Generating B2B leads

Leave the hard work to us

Together we define the target group and, with the goal of the cooperation, our team will take care of the rest. Through tools such as Sales Navigator, personalized content, and micro-conversion points, we will be able to find and reach the best business contacts.

Digital infrastructure

Technologies and content for your clients

We will design a digital infrastructure for you, which will help you collect online data about your contacts, identify potential customers, monitor their behavior on the web and in e-mail communication, and gradually qualify them as business partners.

We work with top technologies on the market
A modern digital sales strategy needs advanced analytics, automated email marketing and an intuitive cloud CRM solution. We can do it all.
Total number of clients
trained people
Millions - the impressions on LinkedIn
Number of leads for clients

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