Education and consultation

Education and consultation

Long-established training programs for individuals and entire sales or marketing teams that will guide you through all the essential aspects of LinkedIn. We offer open workshops for the general public as well as courses tailored to the needs of individual companies or organizations.


Digital networking

A workshop for business teams and executives that will show you the power of using personal accounts in the free version for business communication.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

An advanced course for business development teams on social selling, using LinkedIn as a sales tool with the premium features of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

Paid advertising on LinkedIn

Set up, manage, and optimize paid campaigns on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Company website and company content

Set up communication, full content management, and data analytics on your LinkedIn company page. The course is designed for page administrators as well as marketing teams.

Our References

In the last 2 years, More than 2,200 people have attended our courses, lectures, and corporate workshops. The posts we’ve published have had a reach of over 6 million, all without paid advertising.

The form of cooperation is entirely up to you. Courses and consultations can be delivered physically, online, or hybrid. The topics and level of courses are selected according to your requirements and on the basis of an initial audit that reveals how your company and the selected employees are doing on LinkedIn.


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