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LinkedIn Content

Get a complete overview of the success of your campaigns and your employees’ and competition activities on LinkedIn.



Most of your brand awareness on LinkedIn is made up of your employees. Monitoring and evaluation of their activities should therefore be part of any proper communication strategy on this social platform.

Smart decisions

With our know-how and unique methodology, we are able to collect data from LinkedIn and evaluate this so that you have easy-to-read and transparent information. Based on them, you can make the right business decisions.


Information about employee’s activitiy will help you identify key brand ambassadors on LinkedIn that are worth investing time and effort on.

Filip Hrubý

Head of External Communications | Česká spořitelna

Filip Hrubý

“FUTURE SALES managed to find (and invent!) a small but golden grail – reporting that allows you to compare the impressions of your LinkedIn posts with the impressions of your competitor’s posts with very high accuracy. IMHO, nobody but FUTURE SALES is able to quantify with relatively high accuracy the impressions of posts on any individual LinkedIn profile on the Czech market.
Thanks to this handy tool, our/your usual lying in your pocket and flattering because “we have more likes” than the competition ends. With the LinkedIn report, you will find that the relationship between the number of likes and the impressions of posts is not really linear. You will realize that your company’s LinkedIn profile is only as strong as the profiles of your employees. And you will find out very precisely which ones are worth supporting as your ambassadors.
With FUTURE SALES, you will not only get a very comprehensive analytical
picture of the impressions and effectiveness of communication between your brand and your employees on LinkedIn, but also flexible partners not only on the phone, who are ready to help you 24/7.”

Kateřina Trčalová

Head of Marketing | Asseco Solutions

1. Why did you decide to start using LinkedIn content reporting?
I was interested in the analysis of our target group, the activity of our
ambassadors and, last but not least, I also wanted to know how the competition behaves on LinkedIn. LinkedIn content reporting was able to offer me all this information, clearly and in one place according to the agreed frequency.
2. What specifically did this tool bring to you (what is the biggest added value for you)?
I got an overview of how active our employees are on this professional network
and how many views their posts are getting. What was a pleasant surprise for me is that some of our colleagues have a reach in the tens of thousands. The report also contains a number of other useful information, such as the size of the target group according to defined criteria or the type of shared content. And when you receive the report regularly, you are also able to calculate the month-to-month change in selected metrics.
3. Would you recommend LinkedIn content reporting to other companies in the field?
Yes, I definitely find the report from FUTURE SALES useful and I can only recommend it. I see added value not only in the fact that I get interesting data from FUTURE SALES, but also evaluations and recommendations on what could be done better.

Who is this report appropriate for?

The tool is particularly suitable for larger corporations but, anyone who wants to compare themselves with the competition or wants to make decisions based on data, will come into their own.


We processed data from posts that have impressions of over 525 million.


We tested the tool with 128 companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Each month we process data for approximately 12 500 posts.


Overview of the overall impact of the company’s and employees’ contributions to LinkedIn for the selected month.

Possibility of filtering activities and intervention of individual company employees on LinkedIn.

Overview of the activity and intervention of competitors or other, selected companies, on LinkedIn.

FUTURE SALES | Linkedin Content Report - šipka
FUTURE SALES | Linkedin Content Report - šipka
FUTURE SALES | Linkedin Content Report - šipka

We get data from LinkedIn through the Premium Sales Navigator account and from analytics at the company page.

Thanks to our own methodology and algorithm, we are able to calculate the impact of individual users’ posts.

The data visualization is provided by the Google data studio cloud tool, through which our clients can view the data at any time they need.

We will discuss data and trends with you personally. You will learn how to optimize the company’s overall network activity.


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