To be commercially effective, your LinkedIn activity needs to be consistent and long-term, which always takes time. You can leave all the “hard” work of selecting your target audience, preparing your database, reaching out to followers, and publishing content on LinkedIn to our team.

Our specialization

Progressive building of brand and product awareness

An advanced course for sales teams on social selling, using LinkedIn as a sales tool by using the premium features of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

New customer acquisition or B2B lead generation

Setting up, managing content and data analysis on the LinkedIn company page. This course is designed for page administrators as well as marketing teams.

We have almost 26,000 contacts on LinkedIn and 56.6% of the orders for our business were acquired thanks to our online activity. To date, we have helped more than 160 clients in our country and around the world to implement LinkedIn into their sales strategy.



Target group analysis and market research

First, we start by selecting the target group you want to reach on LinkedIn. We will examine the target group through a detailed analysis.


Campaign objective & choice of communication channel

For some campaigns it is better to leave everything on the company account for paid advertising, for others it is more rewarding to communicate through selected personal profiles of employees. Everything can also be combined so that the different channels complement each other effectively.


Communication channel management

It will be the responsibility of our team to manage the individual accounts so that everything runs according to the pre-agreed schedule. The level of involvement of our team can be different and depends on your capabilities and your time capacity.


Data collection, reporting, evaluation

We continuously collect and evaluate data on the effectiveness of our campaigns. The customer receives a report from us regularly in the form of a shared dashboard.


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